I’m a product designer with 6+ years of experience, with sharp product intuition and diverse execution skills: interaction design, visual design, and high-fidelity prototyping.
​​My style
Being proactive. Moving thoughtfully. Asking questions. Leading by example. Seeing the forest and the trees. Fostering collaboration and cultivating a supportive cross functional design culture.
What I love to do
Solving complex problems. Bringing structure to nebulous environments. Evolving a concept into a tangible outcome. Driving strategic design initiatives. Translating design mocks into playful prototypes.
How I stay creative
Connecting with nature. Consuming a wide range of information. Having a dialogue. Experiencing diverse cultures and viewpoints. Taking care of my body and mind. Putting pen to paper.
For hiring managers and recruiters
Throughout my recent professional journey, I've had the privilege of leading impactful product and marketing design initiatives across high-visibility projects and diverse industries. Most recently, my experience as a Design Lead has been primarily focused on striking a balance between hands-on design work and leading design projects to ensure projects meet both creative and strategic objectives.
For fellow collaborators
Depending on the week and the nature of the project, my contributions ensure a solid combination of focused design work and active engagement in team activities. I usually allocate approx 70% of my work week to hands-on design work, including ideating, problem solving, creating visual artifacts, and prototyping. The remaining 30% is dedicated to project planning, establishing processes, and collaborative efforts, such as meetings, cross-functional collaboration, and mentoring activities.
Experience Design Lead
Product Designer
Wysiwyg Communications
Visual Designer
Interaction Design
Communication Design
People I work with have mentioned my:
• Attention to detail and thoughtful questioning to inform well-articulated perspectives.
• Ability to deliver high quality design work supported by strategic insights.
• Ability to nurture and create strong cross-functional collaborative culture.