Kinly is a platform that strengthens meaningful day-to-day interactions by creating serendipitous moments among loved ones living across continents.

Project Details

Project Skills Branding, User Experience & User Interface
Project Advisor Nate Streu
Duration 4 weeks (April 2018)


Why Serendipity?

Those of us who have ever experienced serendipity know the powerful effect of such an experience. But with changing times, this has been missing from most of our conversations. So I asked myself, how can I create serendipitous moments in this platform so that there is an element of wonder and awe in every day interactions?



When the user signs up, they get introduced to the key features of the application through illustrations and storytelling.

Let your loved ones know you're free to chit-chat...
Schedule time...
And receive serendipitous calls every single day!


Kinly Calendar 

The application syncs with your phone calendar and asks you to create your own Kinly time or suggests you a Kinly time depending on your availability. You can also view your loved one’s Kinly schedule in the application.


'Ah, Daniel is available in the morning. Let me make a quick call and surprise him!'


Experience Serendipity

By sharing your Kinly schedule with your loved ones, you’re making the most of unexpected moments. You’ll receive serendipitous calls from your loved ones with no detailed scheduling.


Hi Daniel!
Hi, umm, who is it?
No wonder you can't recognise my voice.

Munhee requests for a video call.

Munhee? Is that you? Oh my god!

Yes, Daniel! How have you been?


Primary Research

From the interviews and surveys, I gathered that balancing work-life along with time differences, puts a strain on our close relationships.



Key Findings


Dedicating time to talk to someone living in a different time zone can involve waiting.


People prefer to know when their loved ones are free to have a heartfelt conversation.


Even though calling and texting can be quick, people feel that video calls feel more real.



Kinly enables you to connect with your loved ones living across different continents and time zones with an understanding that our family, partner, friends are experiencing an entirely different schedule in a different part of the world. 


Ideation & Wireframing

Based on the research findings, I was able to sketch out a storyboard which helped me come up with the main features and define the key moments in the platform.


Branding Kinly

The form was inspired by the nature of human relationships. It’s overlapping solid structures hint at reliability, trust and dependability. The vibrancy of the proposed colors evoke appreciation, marvel and celebration of everyday life.



Usability Testing

The concept was shared with students and professionals who have loved ones living abroad to gather feedback.

"How do I invite my friends and family? Is that feature available?"

"Do I know if I’m on someone else’s list? How do I know? Do I have the control to not be on someone’s list? What is the whole consent, security and ethics associated with getting these serendipitous calls?"

"I really appreciate the key moments you've created through illustrations and animations."




Various motion graphic techniques were explored to illustrate the concept. Also, I realized the importance of behavior and motivation study since this concept relies on people's willingness to be vulnerable and be open to create strong connections.