Hello there, I'm Priyanka.

I lead difficult conversations into tangible and testable solutions to identify opportunities where design can have a meaningful impact.

The beauty and challenge of interaction design is that we are designing systems with myriad complexities and adjacencies—with users' unpredictable behaviors, business constraints, technology complexities and this makes me a firm believer in the human aspects that power technology. For me, the power of interaction design lies in talking to people to really understand their needs. I can then combine my strengths in visual design and strategic branding, with design research and usability testing to validate the need for what I design.

My belief of empowering individuals towards positive global change comes from me being a part of a worldwide network which promotes peace, culture and education through personal transformation and social contribution. I am on a continuous journey to become the best version of myself.

When I'm not on the design grind, I obsess over fish, cursive handwriting, illustrations and Indian ink!

I recently graduated from California College of the Arts (CCA) and I’m looking for a collaborative environment to co-create with people from diverse backgrounds.

Connect with me over LinkedIn or email me: Let’s talk some more!


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